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Contemporary Sessions is a Mas Dance project that features some of the best international contemporary dance choreographers the UK has to offer. Company director Sheida Mas creates the project in December of 2018 after observing  the need  for a sense of community between the dancers and choreographers of contemporary dance based in London, a safe space to learn and discover new teachers and styles inside of contemporary dance, to be surrounded by colleagues with similar training and goals. With two in person sessions a month on Saturdays at Base Dance Studios the project features three international choreographers per session with a unique line up each time. 


After organising monthly in person sessions since 2018, Contemporary Sessions introduces "The Online Sessions" in 2020, an online format of the studio sessions to continue supporting the community during the pandemic and turning it into a worldwide one. Contemporary Sessions offers dance classes for professional and amateur dancers, with no age limit and all dance backgrounds being welcome at every session.

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